Penis Envy Mushrooms


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Penis Envy Mushrooms

It’s a difficult variety to grow; it is somewhat more sensitive to humidity and temperature; however, the results reward its care. It grows much more slowly, and you will only achieve a good harvest under ideal conditions.

If you are not an experienced grower, we recommend that you choose another variety.

Psilocybin Cubensis (golden teacher mushrooms) Penis Envy is a legendary strain of magic mushroom  with an unusual appearance, and its origin is unknown.

Mycologist Terence Mcknna used a mushroom strain from Africa or the Colombian Amazon to create this mutant, highlighting the original culture during its growing period.

Its name is well deserved because the fruits of this potent strain resemble a male penis, provided the cap is not open.

The stalks of the fruits can, in comparison with other cubensis strains, be very thick and have a creamy brown color when not yet ripe, and a whitish blue hue as they mature.

Apart from many other cubensis with thick stems, these are not hollow; they are full of meat.

The caps are brown / gold in color while the fruits are young, but they turn a saturated brown color when the mushroom matures; they remain closed for a long time and have a bluish-green color on the edge when it has already risen.

Psilocybin Cubensis Penis Envy is both loved and feared, valued for its fun looks and potency, and feared by many for its tremendous potency to be careful with.

Producing Penis Envy Mushroom

 The Penis Envy owing to the mutation of the cap, many of the mushrooms are sterile. There are no spores made. Collecting the envy spores on the penis is difficult, and you must expand enough to get the spore glass or syringe.

Fortunately, the cultivation of mycelium, the penis envy, is safe. The spring, the mycelium wedge, or a piece of the champagne cap will make this happen. It’s the only way to increase this supranational pressure.



These mushrooms grow kits are for educational and study purposes only. Mushrooms should not be cultivated if they are illegal in the country of residence. They are not intended for human consumption. Keep out of children’s reach.

Study spores and start investigating using a microscope

All Psilocybe Cubensis are the same, viewed from a scientific point of view. But in fact, they differ slightly in their appearance and (phenotype) fruiting speed. There are numerous Psilocybe Cubensis with different phenotypes. This various Cubensis are not considered subspecies, but rather distinct strains. Psilocybin Cubensis Penis Envy is a strain of Psilocybe Cubensis.

Differences in phenotype can be detected with the naked eye, but true beauty is only noticeable through the microscope—the wonderful world of spores. Many of our clients are scientists or enthusiasts, researching these differences in a home laboratory. After preparing your slide, pour some of the Psilocybin Ubensis Penis Envy spore solutions over it. Cover the specimen with a cover glass. The best magnifications to research Psilocybin Cubensis and Panaeolus Cyanescens spores are magnifications form 1000x and above.

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